Kuwa: Japanese Supplement


Cup of Kuwa White Mulberry TeaWhite mulberry has played a central role in the cultivation of silkworms that fed exclusively on Kuwa for their diet. Less known is the fact that white mulberry contains minerals and oxidants that are said to contribute to the health of the many Japanese that use this natural product in their daily diet.

While modern artificial fabrics have in large part replaced the market for silk, the cultural know-how, and tradition of cultivating, processing, and packaging white mulberry is protected and nurtured in a small village found in an isolated farm area of Japan. Here, in Matsuzaki, the tradition is carried on by the local inhabitants without the use of insecticides or artificial fertilizers. Japan Touring sources all of its Kuwa from this quaint village where our ties of over 10 years have made lasting friendships. Visit the Kuwa homepage for more information.

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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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