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31 December 2022
I was just able to get the New Year Card finished just in time for the New Year so completing this article will be a more drawn-out process. If you are interested in finding out how I put this together, please fill out the form "Stay Informed" that i...
26 April 2022
The cost of flying to Japan is no longer just the price of a plane ticket. You also have to deal with getting a certification that you are free of Covid-19 that satisfies the Japanese government. And if you are not careful you can get hit with a hidd...
29 January 2022
Between the 3rd and 7th century AD, thousands of earth mound tombs (Kofun 古墳) were constructed as tombs for leaders ranging from local areas to those that are considered to be the burial sites of the first emperors of Japan. They are scattered throug...

Otaki-sama Claimed

A Hidden Gem
  • 410-3502 Kamo District, Nishiizu, Kamo District, Japan
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Known locally as Otaki-sama, Kanbora Falls is a relatively unknown waterfall even to those who have lived in Nishi-izu. Located in Arari, the waterfall is about a 30 minute walk from Jim's Guest House and has a very walkable ascent of about 143 meters with the steepest portion just before the falls. Unlike most waterfalls which are vertical, Otaki-sama takes a curve at the bottom making this a rather unique waterfall. The 67 meter high waterfall streams over a cliff formed of multiple molten lava layers. A red Shinto shrine is located just below the waterfall that is reached by walking across a hanging bridge. Seldom visited, this is a great spot for a hide-away picnic.
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