Ryokan Onyado Shinshima

284 Miyauchi, Matsuzaki, Kamo-gun, 410-3612
81 558-42-0236
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Enjoy traditional Japanese hospitality in a pleasant inn located along a cherry tree lined river.

The Onyado Shinshima Inn is conveniently located and aligns the Naka River which flows through Matsuzaki. Between the inn and the river are cherry trees lining the river side and a white traditional Japanese wall lining the other. This traditional Japanese Inn features as part of its building a room that was once part of a traditional Japanese storage building called an Ōkura. The room was incorporated into the inn as it features decorations created by a famous artisan called Chōhachi Irie. We will learn more about him later. There are 9 rooms to select from two of which are furnished Western Style with beds. 7 of the rooms have private toilets, and two also include a private bath. Prices vary from ¥7,560 to ¥25,920 a person depending on the room and types of services you desire.

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284 Miyauchi, Matsuzaki, Kamo-gun, 410-3612