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26 April 2022
The cost of flying to Japan is no longer just the price of a plane ticket. You also have to deal with getting a certification that you are free of Covid-19 that satisfies the Japanese government. And if you are not careful you can get hit with a hidd...
29 January 2022
Between the 3rd and 7th century AD, thousands of earth mound tombs (Kofun 古墳) were constructed as tombs for leaders ranging from local areas to those that are considered to be the burial sites of the first emperors of Japan. They are scattered throug...
26 January 2022
Prehistoric Japan underwent rapid transformations in the past 3000 years, first from foraging to wet rice farming and then to state formation. A long-standing hypothesis posits that mainland Japanese populations derive dual ancestry from indigenous J...

Kuwaya Claimed

Locally grown Kuwa leaves from insecticide-free groves of white mulberry trees.
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Kuwaya provides organically grown White Mulberry powder in easy-to-serve one-gram packets. These packets are hermetically sealed ensuring freshness and quality for lengthly periods.
Kuwaya is represented in the United States by AZ Touring, LLC. AZ Touring is looking for US distributers that would be interested in marketing this high quality Japanese health supplement.
For more information please click on the Kuwa's website which is listed above.
Establishment year: 2015