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Arari Port
June 10, 2023 author

Arari (安良里) : The Village with Peaceful Waves

The west coast of Izu Peninsula is open to seasonal typhoons in summer and autumn and a strong, cold gale-like winds that come in over the Southern Alps from Korea and Siberia in the winter months. But Arari, being surrounded on three sides by tall mountains and a protected port…
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June 06, 2023 japanTourAdmin

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1.Select 1st icon from left from menu at top of this page. 2. A screen with blocks will open on the right side ot this page. 3. Scroll down the page to Embeddables 3. Select Yo...
このページを自由に編集してみてください。上のアイコンメニューをクリックしてみてね。。。あちこちのアイコンも。 左の写真を繰り返してみてください。びっくりするでしょう! Drums beaten every morning in prayer for peace in Matsuzaki-cho 平和を祈り、毎朝叩かれる太鼓 伊那下神社 松崎町 Ina...
The Izu Peninsula sits on top of the Philippine tectonic plate where it now slides down under two other plates at the rate of 48 to 84mm annually at a point near Mt. Fuji. This...

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Yamabushi Trail Tour

Challenge the ancient paths of Izu Peninsula on your mountain bike!

Matsuzaki-cho, Shizuoka-ken
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Locally grown Kuwa leaves from insecticide-free groves of white mulberry trees.

Matsuzaki-cho, Kamo-gun
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Itokawa Guest House

A friendly, inexpensive, convenient place to stay in Matsuzaki, Shizuoka on the Izu Peninsula. Located on the scenic coastline of Nishi-Izu, more than 20 UNESCO designated Geoparks


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A Hidden Gem

Nishiizu, Shizuoka
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Ayutsubo Falls

A Mt. Fuji eruption occuring about 10,000 years ago created a lava flow that stretches 21 Miles (34Km) to where Mishima city's train station exists today. The flow of melting snow on Mt.…

Nagaizumi, Shizuoka
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