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1.Select 1st icon from left from menu at top of this page. 2. A screen with blocks will open on the right side ot this page. 3. Scroll down the page to Embeddables 3. Select YouTube from the Embeddabl...

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このページを自由に編集してみてください。上のアイコンメニューをクリックしてみてね。。。あちこちのアイコンも。 左の写真を繰り返してみてください。びっくりするでしょう! Drums beaten every morning in prayer for peace in Matsuzaki-cho 平和を祈り、毎朝叩かれる太鼓 伊那下神社 松崎町 Inashimo Shrine in Matsuzak...

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550 Square Miles of Volcanoes, Sea Caves, and Adventure

The Izu Peninsula sits on top of the Philippine tectonic plate where it now slides down under two other plates at the rate of 48 to 84mm annually at a...

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2023 Nengacho

正月にちょうど間に合うように年賀状を完成させることができたので、この記事を完成させるのはもっと長いプロセスになります. 私がこれをどのようにまとめたかに興味がある場合は、この記事の下にある「情報を入手する」フォームに記入してください。記事が更新されたときに通知が送信されます。   &nbs...

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How to Make a Nengacho (New Year Card)

2023 Nengacho

I was just able to get the New Year Card finished just in time for the New Year so completing this article will be a more drawn-out process. If you ar...

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Flying from Phoenix to Japan? Part 1


The cost of flying to Japan is no longer just the price of a plane ticket. You also have to deal with getting a certification that you are free of Cov...

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Japan Immigration Policy 2022

Japan is re-opening its borders to tourists again this summer allowing up to 10,000 non-resident visas per day to enter. I spent 6 months in Japan las...

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Kofun Tombs: Are they pointless?

Osaka Daisen Kofun

Between the 3rd and 7th century AD, thousands of earth mound tombs (Kofun 古墳) were constructed as tombs for leaders ranging from local areas to those ...

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Ancient Japanese Genomics

Ancient Japanese Genomics From Science Advances

Prehistoric Japan underwent rapid transformations in the past 3000 years, first from foraging to wet rice farming and then to state formation. A long-...

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Itokawa Guest House

Yatai Event

Itokawa Guest House is a popular economical place for people wishing to spend a day or longer in Matsuzaki. Having a large communal room and kitchen, ...

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Folk Tales: Creation of Izu

Izu Folk Tales Map

The story begins a long, long time ago on what was just another day. At this time, the Izu Peninsula did not exist, so when the god of Mount Fuji look...

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Izu-no-Chohachi Art Museum

A Chohachi Dragon located in Shunnjo-in Temple

The Izu-no-Chohachi museum features the art of a locally born commoner who gained much fame during the early 18th century. The media he used in his ar...

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If you are ever in a situation where the conversation is lagging, you can always liven it up by stating that you have just found the best place in Jap...

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Kuwa: Japanese Supplement

Cup of Kuwa White Mulberry Tea

White mulberry has played a central role in the cultivation of silkworms that fed exclusively on Kuwa for their diet. Less known is the fact that whit...

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