Izu-no-Chohachi Museum

The Izu-no-Chohachi museum features the art of a locally born commoner who gained much fame during the early 18th century. The media he used in his art form was stucco (漆喰 shikkui) using a special formula that included seaweed mixed into the lime thus enabling the stucco to provide great detail while sticking to vertical surfaces. The stucco was applied using a trowel-like instrument called a kote (鏝).

The museum features approximately 50 art pieces by the artist Irie Chohachi who grew up in Matsuzaki. Chohachi was the first Japanese artist to use shikkui as an art media. Although he had students that attempted to achieve his capability in the medium, none were able to match his expertise. Unfortunately, today his methods are a lost art.

The artwork of some of the pieces is so detailed that a magnifying glass is provided so that you can determine how many people are riding in boats or what kind of food they are eating.

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