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Izu-no-Chohachi Art Museum

Izu-Chohachi Art Museum
A Chohachi Dragon located in Shunnjo-in Temple

The Izu-no-Chohachi museum features the art of a locally born commoner who gained much fame during the early 18th century. The media he used in his ar...

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Folk Tales: Creation of Izu

Izu Old Folk Tales
Izu Folk Tales Map

The story begins a long, long time ago on what was just another day. At this time, the Izu Peninsula did not exist, so when the god of Mount Fuji look...

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Ancient Japanese Genomics

Japanese History
Ancient Japanese Genomics From Science Advances

Prehistoric Japan underwent rapid transformations in the past 3000 years, first from foraging to wet rice farming and then to state formation. A long-...

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Kofun Tombs: Are they pointless?

Osaka Daisen Kofun

Between the 3rd and 7th century AD, thousands of earth mound tombs (Kofun 古墳) were constructed as tombs for leaders ranging from local areas to those ...

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