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The Japan Touring Blog Editor includes 47 built-in blocks that simplify creating interesting and eye-catching formats for your blogs. The types of blocks include those for Layout such as heading and tabs; Elements such as alerts and quotes; Media such as images and PDFs; and Embeddables for including your content from such media sites as Spotify and YouTube. Availability of the blocks depends on your level of membership in Japan Touring. The levels of membership are Standard, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

EditorA new and simplied editor enables you to concentrate on content rather than layout. You are also provided with a choice of editors. One is similar to editors found in Microsoft and Apple applications. Another is an editor based on blocks that simplify layouts.


Block Based EditorOur Blog built-in editor is a block-oriented app that allows you to move blocks of content, such as images and text, to different areas of the page as you wish.


Block PropertiesEasily customize and tweak block properties within the composer



Layout (7)

  • Heading
    Heading to help visitors and search engines understand the structure of the content
  • Text
    Insert a paragraph of text for the content of your post
  • Tabs
    Separate structure of the content within their own tabs
  • Columns
    Structure blocks in the content into multiple columns
  • Table
    Insert a table into your content to share data and charts
  • Section
    Structure multiple blocks together in a section. Create reusable sections
  • Accordion
    Create hidden or visible blocks using the accordion block