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Blog Editor

Compose with the block-based editor and enjoy all the goodies of a WYSIWYG editor but even better! Simplifies authoring experience.

The built-in editor in EasyBlog provides an easy-to-use drag & drop authoring experience. Authoring has never been easier.


Media Manager

Article Folders

Each of your posts is automatically categorized with its own unique folder making media management extremely simple.

Simple Image Editor

The Image Editor allows you to crop, resize, and rotate images.

Access to online free online images provided via the Unsplash service.

Flickr Integration

Bloggers having a Flickr account can search for and embed their images into their blogs.

Shared Media

Bloggers wishing to share media with other bloggers can do so via the Global Shared Folder


Bloggers can automatically apply image watermarks on images uploaded via the media manager.

Dark Mode

You have the ability to present you blog in the "Darks Mode" if you so want to.


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