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Futo Beach

Futo Beach is a hidden beauty among the many nooks and crannies found along the west side of the Izu Peninsula. The beach is created of stones that have been rounded by centuries of waves pounding on the volcanic cliffs surrounding the two small bays found in Futo. On the south side,

you can see what once was the center of an undersea volcano still filled with now millennium-hardened lava. In front of that, you can see small islands sticking their craggy shapes out of the ocean pierced at the bottom with sea caves. At low tide, you will find some of the crags close enough to touch the hexagonal rocks that formed from hot lava as it slowly cooled. 

The causeway at the southern end is crossable at most tide levels, though an extra high tide might isolate you for a few hours if you cross it at the wrong time. If you time your visit well, you will be able to enjoy not only the sound of the waves beating on the rocks of the causeway but also the sound of the rocks as they roll up and down with the flow of the water.

Hikers will find a trail at the north end of the beach that will take them over the hills to Tago, a beautiful fishing port located "just around the bend."