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31 December 2022
I was just able to get the New Year Card finished just in time for the New Year so completing this article will be a more drawn-out process. If you are interested in finding out how I put this together, please fill out the form "Stay Informed" that i...
26 April 2022
The cost of flying to Japan is no longer just the price of a plane ticket. You also have to deal with getting a certification that you are free of Covid-19 that satisfies the Japanese government. And if you are not careful you can get hit with a hidd...
29 January 2022
Between the 3rd and 7th century AD, thousands of earth mound tombs (Kofun 古墳) were constructed as tombs for leaders ranging from local areas to those that are considered to be the burial sites of the first emperors of Japan. They are scattered throug...
DISCLAIMER: Always refer to the Japanese government websites for the latest and most accurate information. The information below is based on my experience and may not reflect the requirements and methods that are appropriate for you. Use the following information at your own I did!

What to Prepare

  1. Smartphone/device with MySOS app installed
  2. Passport Number
  3. Vaccination certificate (Optional)
  4. Test certificate

Smartphone/device with MySOS app installed

MySOSI went through this once without success. First, DO NOT TRY to download from Google apps. I imagine that for Apple users advice of not downloading directly from the Apple App store applies as well. Apparently, MySOS has developed a dedicated version for the Japanese government to track and record people entering Japan during the epidemic. It's possible that it is generally being used for persons within Japan as well but I do not have any information concerning that.

Using either the QR above or the one provided on the WHLW website, you will see that the app is displayed in the Google Play app store (ditto for Apple I assume). However, it is NOT the same app that you will find when making a search on the app store for MySOS.  Below you will see images for NON-WHLW Google App store and the WHLW Google App store via the QR.

 MySOS GooglePlay NOT WHLWMySOS Google Play NOT WHLWMySOS GooglePlay WHLW thumbMySOS GooglePlay WHLW thumbThe app with the black background (it may be a different color for you) is the NONE WHLW app. You do NOT want to install this one.
The app with the white background(again, it may be a different color for you) is the WHLW app and this is the one you want to install.

The rest is fairly straightforward and little more explanation is required.

 NOTE: Although I was able to install it on my Samsung 8-plus without any problems, I was unable to install it on my Samsung S20. If you look closely at the MySOS with the white background you will notice a small printed message stating [You don't have any devices]? As of yet, I have been unable to determine the cause. This forced me to install it on my older 8-plus which means I'll have to move my SIM chip from the S20 to the 8-Plus for whatever quarantine period I may have upon entry. It would be interesting to find out if anyone else has had this problem.