Izu thumb mamoru suzuki holding birds nest and showing to a boyPennisula has become a refuge for artists and eccentrics of all kind. Not so far from Tokyo that day trips cannot be made but far enough to be able to live in nature and view the constellations at night, Izu invites those that are uncomfortable with living in crowded conditions and want some freedom in their life style.

One of these artists is a gentleman by the name of Mamoru Suzuki. Working in watercolors, Mamoru and his wife created children's books with him providing the illustrations and she the text for the children. One day while in the garden, Mamoru came across a bird's nest that was to change the direction of his art forever.


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It is important to note that none of the nests were "robbed" from the birds. The nests that Mamoru adds to his collection are taken only after the birds no longer use the nests.

You can follow him on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/mamoru.suzuki.5




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