jimI will be introducing some of my friends and other acquaintances that you will meet as you travel Japan with me. Since some of my friends are more shy than others, some introductions are restricted to those that guests that have registered and have expressed interest in joining me on a trip. Introductions to my friends that are not so shy will be available for all.

You may ask what the distinction is that I make between acquaintance and friend. The biggest difference is probably time. Time allows for a deeper trust to be built. But if one is really fortunate, every once in a while you get the opportunity to meet someone that you know will be a friend from the get-go! These friends more than make up for the acquaintances you thought were friends and turned out not be so later.

So what kind of people will we meet?

First, unless you have decided on putting a group together that already consists of your friends, you will likely be joined by 1, 2 or 3 more people in your group with whom you are not acquainted. Prior to our visit to Japan you will get the opportunity to meet them on this website, on Skype, on FaceBook and any other social media to check out whether you think your group will be one that you wish to be with for two or three weeks in Japan. Groups will be forming at various times so be sure to pick out the group you find most interesting...not necessarily most compatible. One does not expand himself or herself without challenging ones own beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions.

This website provides a forum for groups of people to exchange ideas and information as a means to create your adventure group.

Second, you may like to know more about me. I am the fellow in the yellow t-shirt holding up the mast on Ichiro's sailboat. I have known Ichiro since he was a high school student back in the early 80's. I found him his first job, was his go-between at his wedding and have had some of the best sailing experiences with him. He is the fellow on the right holding the spray bottle...why I don't remember!

I was in the Navy when I first time visited Japan. This was back in 1966 if my memory serves me right. My ship was stationed out of San Diego but we stopped in Japan on our way to Nam and on the way back. The same thing happened on my next cruise as well and when I got back in '68, I got transferred to the USS Mahan as it was going to be stationed in Yokosuka Japan. I spent the next two years sailing out of Japan and, when in Japan, increasingly found it to be a culture and country that I enjoyed.

So when my time came to re-up or get out, I chose to leave the Navy and begin university studies at Sophia University in Tokyo. In under-graduate I majored in social studies and far east studies. I went on to graduate to major in Japanese Anthropology. I got side-tracked in my first year and never finished to get my graduate degree. Instead i began doing translations, doing copy-writing, and being a reporter for a Japanese magazine.



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